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A new Aberrometry dimension for better vision.


The wavefront analysis was established in ophthalmology to diagnose refractive errors. It has already been proven on millions of devices. The aberrometry opens new horizons in the understanding of visual abilities (eyesight)

Aberrometry measures the way a wavefront of light passes through the cornea and the crystalline lens, which are the refractive (light focusing) components of the eye. Distortions that occur as light travels through the eye are called aberrations, representing specific vision errors.

Spherical aberration thus proves to be a crucial parameter in this regard so that it is now a focused application in the design of intraocular lenses and in optimizing the refractive laser treatment and more specifically for presbyopic subjects.

Due to its ultra-precise innovative technology, WASCA analyzer is among the major diagnostic devices of this type. Simply needs a single measurement cycle to determine the optical properties of the entire eye as well as refraction and higher order aberrations for further exploration.


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