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Artificial tears: the eyes protector

Tears of joy, tears of sadness or tears of crocodile. They often reflect our emotions or betray them … But they also have a key role in the health of our eyes and our vision.

Tears, protective Eye’s liquid.
These are the lacrimal glands under the eyelids that produce tears. They are secreted in several occasions: under the influence of an emotion, in the presence of a foreign body or under the effect of wind and cold…
Tears however, are not just as salty water. Admittedly, the salty fluid intake cleans and protects the eye by facilitating the evacuation of foreign bodies such as dust … But they also contain several protective substances for the eyes, including lysozyme. This particular protein is often described as «body antibiotic».
Tears play a role in visual comfort. They assure a permanent lubrication of the surface of the eye. A lipid layer is interposed between the eyelid and the eye, ensuring the maintenance of its humidity. And this layer of lipids in addition, slows the evaporation of tears.

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