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cataract is cloudiness of the lens. The cloudiness can become worse over time, causing vision to become increasingly blurry, hazy or cloudy. Most cataracts develop with age.

A cataract is an eye disease in which the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, causing a decrease in vision. The lens focuses light onto the back of the eye (the retina) so images appear clear and without distortion. The clouding of this lens during cataract formation distorts vision. (See illustration below).

Cataracts are usually a very gradual process of normal aging but can occasionally develop rapidly.

Some factors may ay lead to development of cataract:

  • Heredity
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sever trauma to the eye or other eye diseases
  • The use of certain medications such as steroids
  • Unhealthy eating habits: poor in fruit and vegetables
  • Excessive ultraviolet light exposure

The only effective treatment for cataract is cataract surgery. A new technique exists and it’s called phacoemulsification: Cataract is emulsified and aspirated through a small orifice then the opaque lens is replaced, through an incision of a few millimetres, by a transparent intraocular lens that will allow clear vision. This technique constitutes a revolution in refractive surgery; it is done by local anesthesia, lasts only a few minutes and allows rapid visual recovery (in just few hours) and a complete healing in only one month.

Today many types of IOLs exist to choose from for your cataract surgery. There is premium IOLs that allows to get rid of glasses.

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