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CRS-Master System

The CRS-Master: Optimized for custom ablation.

Carl Zeiss has embraced the goal to constantly improve the refractive outcomes of excimer laser surgery. To succeed, we continually analyze each component of the surgery process – from diagnosis through preparation and finally to the actual procedure – seeking opportunities to innovate and optimize results.

The CRS-Master™ – the basis for customized acuity correction using the MEL 80™ excimer laser – has now been decisively expanded and improved. It is an even more efficient system solution.



The intelligent combination of two diagnostic functions – aberrometry and topography – is a particularly impressive feature. It is designed to ensure that you never miss important details for customized ablation. The new CRS-Master™ allows you to leave the previous limitations of treatment planning behind you. It is a unique tool for your future-oriented refractive laser surgery!


Le système CRS-Master

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