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Customised treatment

The customized treatment uses the aberrometry or topography surgical technology.

The aberrometry was initially developed for telescopes used in astronomy. As the human eye is similar to any optical system (telescopes) as a result the use of this technology for ophthalmology has been almost immediate.

You should be aware that there is no such thing as an optically perfect eye. Each eye suffers from a number of specific optical aberrations. These are analysed and diagnosed during the aberrometry test. The customised treatment takes into account their nature and their magnitude in order to establish the right laser treatment.

The “customized treatment” acts on the quality of the vision by correcting the aberrations. Therefore the patients get abetter vision.

The treatments assisted by topography exam (used since 2000) allow an adapted solution to the morphology of the cornea. If the cornea has any kind of anomaly that can not be adjusted with a standard treatment, the CRS master system that integrate ATLAS topography can now erase these anomalies so that he patient can have a better visual acuity than when wearing glasses.

The wavefront or topography treatments are determined after a preoperative assessment. The surgeon can then decide the best method for the patient.

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