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Laser Blended Vision

Depending on the patient’s age and taking into account everyone’s health, it is possible to effectively treat presbyopia with refractive laser.
Today thanks to the laser, we can effectively offer treatment that is applied to the cornea and depending on the patient’s age and his lack of vision, allows in most cases to get rid of glasses for near and far vision.

This type of laser is called: Blended laser Vision, this is the principle of the visual correction by microbascule that has already been successfully used for years with the contact lenses.

The principle is: considering that we all have a dominant eye and non-dominant eye, the blended laser vision allows for the eyes to be corrected in such a way that the dominant eye is set for distance and intermediate vision while the non-dominant eye sees best in the intermediate to near range. Because of the similarity in the visual performance of each eye in the intermediate range the brain is able to fuse the images between the eyes rendering a binocular visual environment. This is in contradiction to traditional monovision where the image disparity between the eyes is too high for image fusion by the brain and instead the brain needs to apply suppression of the blurred eye in order to perceive a clear visual field. In Laser Blended Vision, the eyes are effectively working together to allow good vision at near, intermediate and far, without the use of glasses. The effects of Laser Blended Vision tend to last 10 years but can be further adjusted by enhancement procedures.


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