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The Pentacam® is a combined device consisting of a slit illumination system and a Scheimpflug camera which rotates around the eye. This camera is oriented according to the Scheimpflug principle, thus creating an image of the illuminated plane which appears completely sharp from the anterior surface of the cornea right up to the posterior surface of the crystalline lens.

The main advantage of the rotating imaging process is the precise measurement of the central cornea, the correction of eye movements, the easy fixation for the patients and the extremely short examination time.

The Pentacam calculates a three dimensional mathematical model of the anterior segment to provide the following information:

  • Anterior and posterior corneal topography and elevation maps.
  • Corneal pachymetry from limbus to limbus.
  • 3D-chamber analysing (Anterior Chamber Depth -map, chamber angle, chamber volume etc.).
  • Lens density (quantification of the light transmittance of the crystalline lens and IOL’s).
  • Tomography.
  • Improved IOL-calculation for post LASIK and PRK.

The Pentacam is the optimum analyser for:

  • Corneal refractive surgeons.
  • Cataract refractive surgeons.
  • Glaucoma screening.
  • General optometric primary care screening.


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