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Live without glasses is a wish that can finally be fulfilled in Morocco through the development of a new concept: Refractive Surgery.

Two methods are available for patients:

It is recommended for anyone wishing to do this surgery to first conduct an assessment of specific eye explorations in order to identify and analyze the vision defect.

The choice of the technique depends on several factors:

  • The assessment results.
  • Age.
  • Professional activity.
  • The degree of the visual defect.

The success of Refractive Surgery is related to the surgeon’s experience and relevance of preoperative explorations. Thanks to the development of new exploration techniques and treatments, many patients were inoperable before, are operable today.

The evolution of technology has greatly facilitated the work for surgeons and insured patient comfort; the treatment has become painless, safe and effective.

The team of specialized doctors, nurses and medical technicians within  The Ophthalmology Center of Casablanca “centre d’ophtalmologie de Casablanca” realize for you the first visual explorations needed using the latest generation of equipment; to analyze the most of your visual defect and offer you the most suitable solution for your case.

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