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Relex Flex

Relex Flex (Refractive Lens Extraction / Femtosecond lenticule Extraction) treats Myopia with or without astigmatism using only the femtosecond laser Visumax.

First the laser Femto-second Visumax cuts a thin flap of the corneal tissue. (As for femto-lasik treatment).

Then the laser Visumax performs the cutting of a lenticule biconvex corresponding to the visual defect. This lenticule is removed manually by the surgeon afterwards. (See illustration below).

correction laser Cutting of the corneal flap.
correction laser Cutting of the biconvex lenticule.
extraction du lenticule lifting of the cut flap
extraction du lenticule Extraction of the cut lenticule.

Once the lenticule is extracted the flap is then place back.

The procedure is completely painless and last only few seconds with an excellent visual recovery.

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