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Relex-Smile treatment

Smile (Small Incision Lens Extaction) is the very latest laser eye surgery technique used to treat Myopia, with or without astigmatism using only the femtosecond laser Visumax.

Unlike the Relex Flex this technique doesn’t require cutting or lifting a corneal flap. (See video below). 

The Visumax femto-second laser performs the cutting of a refractive lenticule and then a small incision is created inside the intact cornea (3 to 4 mm).

A refractive lenticule and small incision are created inside the intact cornea – all in one step.


The lenticule is removed through the incision with only minimal disruption to the corneal biomechanics.

Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving the desired refractive correction.

The procedure is completely painless and last only 40 second with an excellent visual recovery.

After surgery patient won’t fell any discomfort or complication because the healing is immediate.
This technique ensures high reliability in the correction of the visual defects and preserves the sensitivity of the cornea.

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