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Proven expertise for anterior segment care

Visante OCT

With revolutionary instruments such as the Stratus OCT™ system, the unique technological expertise of Carl Zeiss Meditec has long been proved invaluable in the diagnosis and monitoring of retinal disease. Now, with the introduction of the Visante™ OCT system, this same expertise is being applied to high-resolution, non-contact optical coherence tomography customized for the anterior segment.

Exceptional design combined with greater confidence.

The Visante OCT system is the first to provide clear, highly detailed, in-depth images of the anterior chamber – including the angle – without the need for ocular anesthesia or a messy, time-consuming water bath. As a result, the Visante OCT system will provide unique images and measurements that will dramatically expand the potential for diagnostic confidence and therapeutic precision. And, just as importantly, Visante OCT is so easy to use and efficient to operate that it will seamlessly take its place in your daily workflow, offering new clinical insights and practice opportunities from day one.

Visante OCT

Visante OCT

Visante OCT

Versatile in application

The unique, versatile Visante OCT system provides superb, highly detailed results, consistently supporting surgical planning and postoperative care across a range of anterior segment applications.

Anterior segment imaging

The anterior segment can be evaluated and measured preand postoperatively after image acquisition using the analysis mode of the Visante OCT system’s software. Practical tools enable planning and measurement of anterior segment ocular structures, including anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber angles and anterior chamber diameter (commonly referred to as angle-to-angle distance). Anterior chamber angle measurement results provide you with quick and reliable data for narrow-angle evaluation. Anterior segment images can be printed with or without measurement tools and results.

Corneal imaging and pachymetry

Visante OCT provides high-resolution corneal images and documentation for the anterior segment specialist to support the evaluation of ocular health. Rapid acquisition during the pachymetry scan ensures an accurate and repeatable pachymetry map result for application in refractive and glaucoma care.

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