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Vision is life when driving

Here are some tips to follow while driving:

Driving during the day:
• Make sure to have clean glasses, unscratched with perfectly suited correction, even if the correction is minor.
• Always have spare glasses in his car.

Driving at night
• Control the speed cause at night colors and contrasts looks fade what alters the depth perception.
• Remember that your vision must be beyond the area illuminated by the headlights, so you can anticipate and react quickly.
• Remember that it takes few seconds to recover normal vision after crossing the headlights (and resistance to glare decreases by 50 % every 12 years)
• Night causes mild myopia (sometimes up to 1.5 diopters); the eyes get tired much faster at night than during the day; therefore it is very important to take regular breaks.

Driving in fog
• Prefer slightly tinted glasses, yellow or orange, which accentuate the contrasts.

Drive through great sun
• Have your sunglasses with good quality but not too dark glasses (category 4 tint banned for driving)
• Bring corrective solar lenses adapted to your sight, if necessary
• Be very careful when changing from a bright area to a tunnel or underground.

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